Monday, April 19, 2010

Interview with Dia Frampton of "Meg and Dia"

This one is for Amanda, Park, Bill and Robert...and any one else who has jammed out to Meg and Dia with me.

I saw Meg and Dia open for the Spill Canvas at the Masquerade over two years ago, and both my friends and I were hooked. That following weekend I went to four stores to find their album "something Real", and Parker did the same. "Monster" got me pumped up before tests and I sometimes fell asleep to "Setting up Sunday." I was even more impressed with their newest release "Here, Here and Here" which was even more diverse than the first...

Lead singer Dia chatted with me briefly while in an Internet cafe in Bangkok, Thailand even though she was running out of minutes...Thanks Dia!
So what have you all been up to lately? Traveling. In Bangkok. Went to Seoul, S. Korea and are going to China soon. Mostly a pleasure trip, but also excited to learn about the business of importing and exporting to different countries. It is very interesting.
I really have enjoyed your newest release ("Here, Here and Here"), can you tell me a little about the inspiration behind this album? It is odd to answer a question such as that, since that was almost 2 years ago and it is hard to remember exactly what I felt, save for my journal. We have changed so much as people since then, just by travelling and experiencing different things, different relationships. It was, of course, very educational to be able to work with the producer we did, and to be able to work together as a band for such a long period of time, through the writing process, the rehearsal process, and then through recording.
"Here, Here and Here" is so diverse and composed of so many different types of sounds both vocally and instrumentally. Did you approach the making of this album with that in mind?
You can't approach music...with anything in mind pertaining to how you want it to sound. You just gotta let it go its natural path; you can't push it or prod it to be a certain way I feel. It always ends up being dishonest.
Can you explain how you all normally approach the writing of a song? mean, how the song approaches me. Sometimes it comes when I'm watching a movie, or when I actually sit down and say 'I want to write a song,' or when I'm cooking Pasta.
Are you currently writing or recording? Writing, yes.
The "Black Wedding" video was outstanding, where did its inspiration come from? We wanted it to be visually stimulating. I loved the directors previous work, as well as the mood he created for the overall piece.
How it is traveling on the road with a bunch of guys? Pretty messy? They are cleaner than us.
What things do you look forward to on the Warped Tour? We enjoyed the company of our band and friends as well as playing The Gorge in Seattle.
Any great memories of Warped Tour you would like to share? It's all a big blur of days that run into each other. You become quite robotic...
Can you tell me one crazy story/prank that is most memorable from all of your years of touring? Meeting one of my favorite authors at a show and having him sign a paper for me. "House of Leaves"
Top three most influential albums...
The Avett Brothers: I and love and you
Tom Petty: Wildflowers
Miss Saigon: Broadway


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