Friday, April 16, 2010

Graham Colton Interview...

I recently had the chance to see one of my favorite solo acts out in concert, Graham Colton. On top of putting on a great acoustic performance, he has been very busy churning out a string of ep's this past year. His most recent EP is strictly acoustic, and somewhat incredible. I had the chance to speak briefly with Graham about what has been going on lately.

Just to let you know....Graham Colton holds the highest record for most consecutive appearances on a Mouser mix. That record is four. Kudos Graham. Kudos.

You just finished up a stint touring with Needtobreathe, how was the experience? Did you enjoy changing it up and playing acoustic shows?

Loved the experience. Nice to have a CD that's acoustic and offers a taste of the acoustic show.

Who are some performers that you look up and maybe have helped to shape your performance?

Adam Durtiz, Kevin Griffin, Tom Petty

You are a veteran of touring... what's the first craziest story about a fan or a big prank between band members that you can think of?

Definitely when Counting Crows put jalapeno seeds on my microphone.

How do you normally find inspiration for writing a song?

I find inspiration in anything and everything. I never plan for it to happen in a song.

What was the inspiration behind your new EP "twenty something"?

The inspiration was from the "in between feeling." In between adolescence and adulthood.

How does your writing process normally pan out? Do you normally sit down and a song flows out, or do you work at a song for a long period of time?

The writing process is always different. Never planned. It seems like the songs fall out of the sky.

How was collaborating with Howie Day on his newest release?

Howie is a great guy and an amazing artist so it was easy and a ton of fun to watch the song come together.

Are you hitting the studio anytime soon for a full length album?

The new full length album is almost finished and due out later this year.

What's next after this?

More touring, new album, more touring.

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  1. Of all the music I listened to in middle school/early high school, Graham Colton might be the only one good enough for me to still love/actually admit that I listened to. He just keeps getting better!