Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wedding Interview (Matt Shelton)...

The first time that I remember listening to the Wedding was at a listening station in a Family Christian Bookstore. I remembering purchasing their self-titled album by way of the chill factor. If I listen to a band or musician and a get chills...consider the CD bought. I can recall countless nights of jamming out to that album with some of my closest friends(shout out to Jordan and Rob). Whether in the car or in the shower, the Wedding could always get me pumped up.
Over the years, even through changes in their line-up The Wedding has continued to grow stronger, putting out one more LP("Polarity") and two solid EPs(Rumble in the South" & "The Sound, The Steel"). Last week I had a chance to speak with their current lead singer and former lead signer of one of my favorite groups Letter Kills, Matt Shelton....

So you guys have recently put out a very powerful ep called "The Sound The Steel". What was the inspiration behind the making of it?
Matt Shelton: "The Sound The Steel" was and is very important to us. It tells the story of the road we have traveled and are set to travel. It was a way of solidifying and uniting our purpose.
Were these the first official recordings including all current members?
Matt Shelton: Yes
You all have been through some tough times and many changes in your line-up, but you seem sound and seem so strong. What do you attribute this to?
Matt Shelton: We hold fast to the promises God has given us, we fight together, we fall together,we all recognize our desperate need for a savior. Life is hard, it beats us and throws us away, when you realize you aren't alone, it makes it a lot easier to keep going.
Can you tell me how the process the Wedding normally goes through in composing a new song?
Matt Shelton: We jam.
Any plans of a new full length? Are you currently recording or writing for it?
Matt Shelton: We have written a ton of songs. The bad news is we haven't found a label to release a full length at this time, but the good news is we are going to do a new EP on our own dime to hopefully satisfy our loyal fan base until we find a new home.
If so can you tell me a little about it? Like what direction you are trying to aim for? Any potential surprises?
Matt Shelton: It's rock n roll. That's all we have come to know and understand. We are so excited.
What can inspire a Wedding song to be written?
Matt Shelton: Anything real.
Who are some bands the Wedding truly admires/have been influenced by?
Matt Shelton: Blackstone Cherry, Thrice, Aerosmith, Rage Against The Machine, Andrew WK, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, Beatles and many more
Any specific album that influenced your music?
Matt Shelton: That's what you call copyright infringement.
Any chance you will be hitting the road soon for a tour?
Matt Shelton: May 2010 "It May Get Loud Tour"
Essential Songs:
-"Morning Air"
-"Say Your Prayers"

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