Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poema Interview...

I found out about these girls via Purevolume and they are truly talented. This is due to three things...great vocals, awesome lyrics and lastly they rep Rio Rancho, New Mexico which is where Mousertime's Grandma lives. I got a chance to speak to these ladies about their new EP and upcoming full-length release on Tooth and Nail records...

So why such a cool name like Poema?
Elle: We really liked the way it sounded first of all, then we actually found out that if comes from a word meaning Beautiful Masterpiece in Greek so then we knew it was the perfect name for us.
I am very pumped about the new album, I am currently awaiting my "personalized" cd with much anicipation. Can you tell me a little about the making of the album?
Elle: It was lots of fun, and I'm very pleased with the way the recordings turned out.
Shealeen: We got to work with a producer who we've looked up too for years it was a dream come true!!
I'm a very big fan of 2AM and City boy. Can you tell me the inspiration behind those two songs?Shealeen: 2 am was just a funny idea.. it was alot of fun to write. City Boy was just about how pouring into someone else's life can actually be a blessing to your own life. I guess it's just about friendship.
Any plans for a full length any time soon?
Elle: We already have a lot of new songs we want to record so, yeah we're really anticipating the next album!
Did you all record in New Mexico?
Shealeen: Our demo was recorded here. Our Tooth & Nail album was recorded in Seattle.
What inspires you to write a song normally?
Elle: Just regular everyday things sometimes, and other times it's a specific situation. It depends
Do you write songs together or seperate?
How is the music scene there? Any sweet venues?
Shealeen: It's pretty cool. There are alot of bands here.. mostly alot of heavy bands it seems like. Elle: Yep there's some cool venues. We personally play at Warehouse 508 a lot.
How did you guys get hooked up with "Tooth and Nail"
Shealeen: We met an A&R rep on a tour back in November 2008. We showcased for them in January and they offered us a contract within a couple weeks!
Touring soon?
Shealeen: Yeah! We are doing a 3 week run with playradioplay in May. And there are other tour's in the works..
Any crazy/funny stories from the stage that you would like to share?
Elle: Ummmm... not really YET! haha