Monday, October 24, 2011

Set Sail Interview with Joshua May(drummer)

With their unique pop/rock sound, the Australian band Set Sail is slowly traveling across the world, picking up many fans along the way....
Check out my interview with drummer, Joshua May and visit their facebook page for the latest news on the band, as well as tour videos:!/setsailmusic?sk=info
Cliché one, where did the name Set Sail come from? Is there a story behind how it was chosen?
May: At the starting out of Set Sail we all had a similar liking to boats and the sea, resulting in creating our first Single 'The Boat Song' and forming under the name Set Sail.
How/when did this project begin?
May: Initially we formed while we were all at school, going out to play in afternoons and nights to make some money about 2 years ago. It wasn't till November of 2010 that we thought we'd go full time music and run with the new model of getting our name out there and make it as a band.

How would you say you arrived on your sound?
May: At the moment the closest I've heard said about our band was 'Summery Pop’, or 'Beach Pop'

What can people expect when they come to see you live?
May: Make it the best bloody show they've seen. Playing on the street the honesty of your music and stage presence is emphasized, as you only have a few seconds to interact with 'busy' people, making them stop and then appreciate what you're doing. There aren’t any lights or stages to make us appear bigger and better.  So taking what we do on the street to stage is for us to accentuate our stage performance and get the people involved in our show. Pretty much a big party where everyone can have an energetic time.

How did the World Stage tour come together and how has it been?
May: It began when I started talking about potentially moving to London, target the Brit scenes. Then from there we thought, "why not add this city", another city got added until our imagination turned to conquering all 7 continents. It’s been a lot of work, but it's been amazing so far and a lot of opportunities have come through getting up and getting out there.

Who are some bands/artists that you have looked up to in the past, in terms of stage presence?
May: I love being asked this question because it's so fun to answer. Individually, we're all so different and listen to different music, so the contrast between all of us is incredible to look at. Josiah grew up listening to Classical and Punk then turned to folk/pop which turned him into to an ' Eccentric Mad Scientist'. Then there's Brandon who grew up in Sunny California listening to Iron and Wine, Middle East, Beirut etc, in effect he's this guy laid back joyful guy who doesn't have to do much for people to latch on to his personality. Then I grew listening to the Miles', Coltrane's, and big chorus melody pop artists like James Taylor's. So I just keep it real in the back as try and use creativity on the drums as a part of that.

How did the writing process pan out for you on The Riley Moore EP?
May: We pretty much do everything equal thirds. Whether its lyrics or musical. It ends up being equal third input, somehow.

How does a song normally come together for you? Is it a completely collaborative process?
May: We all have different strengths in writing. Brandon is good at making up these melodic hooks, where Josiah is a literature major, so words are his thing. Then I'm a hopeless romantic who loves big choruses. so blend it all together and we hopefully get something.

Are you guys currently working on any new material? If so, about when can fans expect your next release?
May: Sure are. There's going to be a limited release ep running with our National Tour in December, which will feature 4-5 songs that we wrote and recorded from travelling around the world. Then the big one of Album in September, which we're already working on now.

What role does your faith play in your music?
May: We're all about loving people. So while we're not a 'religious band' we do have a faith and believe in helping the need of people and with our lives and display love. That's why we're working with Compassion where we will be setting up a ' Set Sail village' in South America and hopefully in Africa. Where we want our fans to buy a goat for a person in the village, where they can use their milk and re-produce etc and support them that way - you get your name on the goat which is great!

Who are some of your bigger musical influences right now?
May: The Joyful Formidable, Bon Iver, Lykke Li, Jon Foreman and Coldplay's killing it at the moment.

Perfect day, driving in your car with the windows down, what are you listening to?
May: At the moment “Paradise” by Coldplay.

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