Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gameday Regulars Interview with Will Romeo

Bronx, New York based melodic-punk
rock band, Gameday Regulars, have recently put out a new EP on Mighter Than Sword Records. I recently had the chance to speak with Will Romeo of the band, and dicussed the new record. Check out their site for more information.!/gamedayregulars?sk=info
How did this specific project begin?
 In the beginning of 2011, our buddy Danny suggested I get some new members and get my old project back together.  So I asked my brother Gino and buddy Kenny if they wanted to start writing for a new project.
How did you guys get hooked up with Mightier Than Sword Records? What attracted you to them?
 I knew RJ from a few years back, and he has been super supportive of the band.   It's a great label, with awesome releases, great dudes, and is constantly growing.
Your new EP just came out on September 27th, how has the response been thus far?
 The response has been great, the reviews are all positive all across the board.
How did the writing for this EP pan out?
I had a few songs from years back, and we just collaborated on some of the newer songs like hearts and bones and heavy bikes.  The whole process was natural, and we were glad the EP had a little variety in it.
Did you guys have a specific direction in mind before writing/and recording? 
We really just wanted a loud and raw punk rock record. 
How did you guys get hooked up with Gregory Dunn? What did he bring to the table?
 We had been friends with Greg for years, and Kenny actually used to sell merch for Moving Mountains.   Greg really helped us capture the sound we wanted, and it was a great experience.  He definitely helped shaped a lot of the tones for the record, and added things here and there in post production.
On this record, where did some of the lyrical inspiration come from?
Most of the songs are about some misfortunes and experiences of People I have crossed paths with and can relate to.
Do you guys have any plans for a full-length in the future? If so, when are you shooting for a release? 
We have no plans as of yet for a full length, but in November we’re going back in the studios with Greg Dunn to record some new tracks.
With you guys being veterans of the DIY scene, what kind of advice would you give to a DIY band just starting up?
Play shows and stay busy. All the hard work pays off.
What do you guys have coming up next? Touring? 
We’re actually out now with Nightmares for a Week for one more week, and in December doing some regional stuff.
Perfect day, driving in your car with the windows down, what are you listening to? 
Horrible Crowes Elsie.  My favorite record of 2011.

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