Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New York Rivals front man Josh Moran

I was recently turned on to a fairly new alt/rock group, named New York Rivals. The band features former Great Big Planes front man Josh Moran (vocals/guitar), former Armor for Sleep member Nash Breen (drums), Eric Rudik (lead guitar) and Gianni Scalese (bass). Their debut full-length record is set to drop next week, October 18th and you can catch them on tour this fall with the Lemonheads.  I had the chance to ask front man, Josh Morad, a couple of brief questions concerning his new project…
How has the tour with the Lemonheads been thus far?
Moran: It's been amazing. It's rare to be on a tour where EVERYONE gets along. It's been a lot of fun.
How did you guys originally come together?
 Moran: Nash and I have been wanting to start a band for a while. Erik and Gianni kind of fell into our laps.
 How did you guys arrive on your current sound? Did you have a discussion of what kind of direction that you wanted to take the music before you began creating?
 Moran: Not really, We just started jamming and recording. I think we are JUST NOW starting to find our sound.
How does the writing process pan out for you guys in comparison to the previous acts that you have been associated with?
 Moran: I(Josh) write the songs but everyone throws their own unique spin of things. Most songs usually turn out different than I had originally planned for.
 Listening back to your self-titled debut record, do you hear any specific influence? If so, who are they?
 Moran: I don't know if you would be able to hear our influences on this CD... The Pixies , Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Elliot Smith, Refused.
Who did you work with on this record?
 Moran: MACHINE, He's an amazing producer. Some of the other stuff we did at Mission Sound in Brooklyn with Jon Kaplan and Oliver Straus. I think it's one of the best studios in the city.
What would you like for people to take away from this new record?
Moran:  Hopefully people can relate to the lyrics and come see it live. I think our live show is our bread and butter
What can people expect when they come to see a New York Rivals show?
Moran: Lots of energy
Who are some people that you have looked up to in the past in regards to stage presence and live performance?
Moran: Mick Jagger. He is the ultimate front man. Also, Iggy Pop. He's a mad man.
How important do you guys find social media to be? Are you fans?
Moran: Naw, I hate it. It's a lot easier for bands to communicate with fans I just think it's less personal. I'd rather meet someone than tweet at them.
Perfect day, driving in your car with the windows down, what are you listening to?
Moran:  Refused-New Noise

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