Saturday, October 22, 2011

O'Brother Interview with Anton Dang (bassist), pt 2

After countless shows, and a number of highly regarded EP’s the Atlanta based band O’Brother , is set to release their first full-length album, Garden Window. Set to drop November 15th, Garden Window, promises to deliver high energy, alt-rock worthy of some serious head banging ( in true “Dang-brothers’ fashion”). To listen to their brand new single, "Machines Part-1" click here

Currently on tour with Thrice, La Dispute and Moving Mountains, bassist Anton Dang was kind enough to answer some quick questions regarding the new album…

How has the tour been thus far?
This tour has been amazing. Easily one of the best tours we've been a part of. I get to watch Moving Mountains, La Dispute, and Thrice just completely annihilate every night for 6 weeks straight.
Your debut full length album, Garden Window, has been generating a great deal of buzz. How long has this album been in the making?
We started writing for it in November 2010 then started tracking in December. We didn't finish tracking til the end of April and that's when we started the mixing process with Mike Sapone and finished that and the mastering in August. And now we play the waiting game...
Did you guys discuss the direction that you wanted to take the album, before you began writing/recording?
Not at all... We didn't even start the band that way. We just started writing...
How did the writing pan out for the album? Was it a collaborative process?
It really was. We all started writing more on our own for this record. We were all very involved during the writing process.
Do you guys write continually, or is it more of a periodic thing?
I wish I could say continually but it's hard to write while on the road.
Specifically, how did "Machines Part-1" come together (fantastic by the way!).
I think we all wanted at least one faster aggressive song for the record and I'm pretty sure we were all listening to Converge heavily at the time. But I came home from work one day and Tanner and Johnny had been writing and that's when the intro that song came about.
How did you guys originally get hooked up with Triple Crown Records? What attracted you to signing with them?
One of our band dads, Andrew Ellis, introduced us to Fred from Triple Crown at Bamboozle. Had a good feeling about him since that day. Now we have one more band dad.
Did you have the album ready before signing? 
Nope... He heard the unmixed version of our record though. Yikes!
How did you guys land on working with Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra? What did they bring to the table?
It was just natural. We're all friends here and it was a good way to make a record. They were basically the 6th and 7th member of our band for like 5 months.
Listening back to the album, can you hear any specific influences on the album?
I could list so many bands here, but I don’t want to put a band in your head while you listen to our record. I like to make people guess what we were listening to when we wrote a specific song.
What would you like for listeners to take away from Garden Window?
I just hope people like it enough to listen to it a second time.
What do you guys have coming up next, after the tour/album release?
More touring in the new year, hopefully  some internationally, and hopefully some split 7"s with some other bands.

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