Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rosi Golan Interview

I originally discovered Rosi Golan's music, when I happened upon her duet with William Fitzsimmons,"Hazy (go check it out if you haven't)." Shortly after that, I went to a William Fitzsimmons concert and quickly found out Golan was opening. Immediately after Golan began her set, I was immediately sucked in. Her ability to write a perfectly crafted indie/pop song is nothing shot of amazing. Her latest album, Lead Balloon, has gathered a great deal of buzz and has been growing continuously. I recently had the chance to send Rosi a couple of  questions regarding her new album, "Lead Balloon."

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How did the writing process pan out for this record, "Lead Balloon"?

Golan: The writing process for this record kind of happened in bursts. I wrote it between tours over the last couple of years after releasing my first record.

Do you write continually? Or are you a periodic writer?

Golan: I think I probably write all the time, even if I don't mean to. I find that a lot of what I write about comes out of every day conversations and situations and sometimes I’ll make notes or sometimes I'll just hear a melody walking down the street. 

What did you look for in writing partners for this record?

Golan: I can't say I was looking for anything in a writer, it's just chemistry and a comfort that you either have with someone or you don't. I wrote with a lot of the same people I wrote with on the first record and a few new people that thankfully came along at perfect times.

How long has this record been in the making?

Golan: I guess you could say since I wrote the first song for it. Which was about 2 1/2 years ago. My process is pretty slow, but I'm ok with that. I need to feel like its right.

How was the recording process? How did it differ from your previous experiences?

Golan: Well the first time I made a record there were a lot of firsts involved, and I think I was just at the beginnings of learning what I want out of a studio experience. It was also a weird time in my life, so I am not sure I got as involved as I like to. This time around, I feel like I went in a little more confident in making choices or voicing opinions. It felt like a really creative process.

I know that picking you favorite song is like picking your favorite child, but what song were you most surprised with how it turned out?(ha)

Golan: Ok, when you put it that way, it's much easier to answer :) "Paper Tiger" came out completely different than I expected and in the best way. I was so delighted when it finally came together and sounded the way it did.

Lately, when talking to singer-songwriters I have noticed a big trend. They seem to stray away from listening to other singer-songwriter in their free time. What about you? Who are some people that you are listening to right now?

Golan: I go through phases. But right now I am actually back in a singer songwriter phase. I just bought the new Ryan Adams record, and I'm still listening to the new Bon Iver record a lot. I definitely listen to a lot of other music, but right now those are the ones I am digging into.

In retrospect, when listening back to "Lead Balloon," do you hear any specific influences on the record?

Golan: I don't know. I suppose I spent the last few years discovering Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris more than I had before, and I love what they are all about, and how they sound. That may have touched on me a bit, but I'm not sure you can hear it.

Who are some people you have looked up to in the past in regards to stage presence and live performance?

Golan: About five years ago I went to see Jenny Louis play live and her show was absolutely perfect. Since, I have seen her about 5 times and she never disappoints. What I love about her live show is how confident and comfortable she is, how every note and song comes with its own move or sway. I don't know, she is captivating, and that is definitely something to aspire to.

Are you currently working on any other projects? Any co-writing? Any plans with Ari Hest and the Open Sea project?

Golan: At the moment I am just promoting the new record and of course, always writing when I can. Ari and I don't have any current plants on another EP or record. He also released a new record this year, so we are both pretty busy.

Perfect day, driving with the windows down, what are you listening to?

Golan: Robyn – “Body Talk”

What do you have coming up next? Touring Europe?

Golan: I just came off of a great little run with Joshua Radin in Europe and am about to start another European tour with Wakey!Wakey! After that, I hope to do another US tour.

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