Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Andrew Belle Interview

Brief interview with accomplished singer-songwriter Andrew Belle. For the latest news on Andrew and tour dates check out the following sites:
How was the SXSW experience?
Really great! It was my 4th trip down and by far the best thus far. This was the first year I was accepted as an official showcasing artist so it was great to have full access to all of the shows we wanted to check out while we were there. Oh, and the food trucks were impressive! Mighty Cone was a treat.
Who are some people that you have looked up to in the past as far as stage presence/live performance goes?
Chris Martin of Coldplay does an amazing job of controlling an audience. For 2/3 of the show he jumps between guitar and piano and the other 1/3, he runs around like an acrobat and keeps everything interesting. He’s quirky and not afraid to be fun and silly. I love it.
How has your writing process been panning out for you lately?
Pretty good. Inspiration always comes in waves and happens very unexpectedly, but I’ve had a few good moments lately.
How would you say your faith impacts your music?
It definitely determines the worldview from which I ultimately broadcast the message of my songs. My music is generally about love, loss, redemption, hope, and forgiveness; the foundation of what Jesus’ message.
I was reading about how you used to make mixed tapes off the radio, of pop/rock because your parents discouraged you from listening to "secular" music. Do you think your music would be different if you hadn't have has that influence from your parents?
I really don’t think so. My greatest inspirations were found in college, well after I was granted musical freedom. I’ve always been attracted to words and melody so I think that it was inevitable that I would find my biggest influences eventually.
Are you working on any new music? Ep soon?
Yeah, I’m starting to write songs again. I’ll probably release a new single in the fall. Not sure if I’ll do an EP or go for the full album, but either way there will definitely be new music soon.
How important is social networking for an artist like yourself?
Extremely. It’s the only way an artist like myself can stay relevant and in the public sector without any major radio play or tv coverage. It is the lifeblood of what we do. Without it, I might be working at Chipotle or something.
Anyone, music wise, you are currently hooked on?
Radiohead. I only started to really appreciate these artists in the last few years. I can’t get enough.
Perfect day, driving in your car with the windows down, what are you listening to?
Feist – The Reminder.

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