Friday, February 4, 2011

Joshua Clothing Interview with Owners Josh Bundra and Kyle Bundra

Joshua Clothing is an awesome company based out of Las Vegas, and ran by brothers Josh and Kyle Bundra, Recently, the brothers have the opportunity to work will many successful bands/musicians and have generated quite the buzz in the music clothing world. Check out their products at I had a chance to briefly speak with Kyle and Josh about the history, mission and future plans...

How did the idea of this clothing company come together initially?
The idea for the company came out of a desire to create Christian inspired clothes that didn’t only relate to just Christians, and to bring exposure to music that may not otherwise be heard.
Has music culture always been part of Joshua Clothing?
Kyle: We don’t believe that we could exist without music, as cliché as that sounds, music is such a huge part of our culture as a company and who we are as people, and they coincide.
Josh: Yes, definitely.  We have always had a huge passion for music and it was something that we incorporated from the very beginning.
What is your company's overall mission?
I would say that our goal overall as people and as business owners is to love people the way Christ did without an agenda .In a nutshell it is to express ourselves through designs, to contradict the negative stereotypes of Christianity and to promote music that we love.
 What types of clothing products do you guys offer?
We currently offer Shirts and Foodies.  We are planning on expanding to other products soon. 
Any personal favorites?
Josh: I would say my favorite shirt that we have made would have to be the “Never Surrender” design.  The design was inspired by an idea that I had of surrender flags burning.  The representation of this was to convey that we were willing to fight for what we believe at all cost, even to the point of exhausting any way of escape and/or retreat.  
Kyle: Same for me I would say that this shirt speaks very deeply to both of us on a personal and spiritual level.
How important is social networking to you guys?
Social networking has definitely helped us along, but from a business standpoint we don’t rely on it to build our brand.  There is no guarantee that social networking will continue on forever. A perfect example of that would be MySpace.  We don't ever want to build our business on something that we cannot control.  
Where would you like to see the company in five years? What are some overall goals?
Josh: One, five, ten years down the road, I just want to be able to look back and see that we have made a positive impact in peoples lives.  We don’t have some lofty goal of making a ton of money; we could care less about financial success.  The best way for me to describe this companies overall goal, is to create an experience for the people that invest in our company.  An experience much like the one you get when you go see your favorite band in a small venue.  You feel connected; you feel that you are a part of what they are doing.  
Kyle: I would like to see the company 5 years down the road impacting people's lives in a way we never expected.  It is hard to answer a question like this because our goal has and never will be to make money.  If people see our brand and know what we are about just by the name, then we have done our job.  Whether we are selling three hundred shirts or three shirts a month.
Who are some bands that you guys have worked with (past/present)?
We are extremely blessed to work with the bands that we do now and have worked with in the past.  To mention a few…. As Cities Burn, Memphis May Fire, Oh, Sleeper, Ivoryline, Progress In Color, The Wedding, Sent By Ravens, Life On Repeat, Nick Rich (Buddy Rich’s grandson), From Indian Lakes, and Phinehas.  These are just bands that we can afford to work with, we have many other friends that play in bands that we would love to work with in the future
What do you guys have lined up for the next couple of months? Any new products coming out soon?
Yes we have a new line coming out.  We are currently working with a couple of our bands to put some new collaborations, which we are very excited about.  Keep up to date on our website and facebook.
Perfect day, windows down, driving in your car what are you listening to?
Josh: The Dangerous Summer, haha Kyle is going to say the same thing and anyone who reads this interview that is friends with us is going to roll their eyes.
Kyle: I would strongly disagree with Josh on this one, I am more of a fan of a band out of Maryland called The Dangerous Summer.  But we tend to agree on Barry Manilow as the bestest singer ever! ;)
Where can people purchase your clothing, and find out the latest news about the company?
The store url is  We are in the middle of redoing our website so for now the best way to stay connected is through facebook.  And like everyonee have a twitter which is @Joshuaclothing

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