Monday, January 3, 2011

He Who Fights With Monsters reviews He Is We's new album, "My Forever"

Forever And Ever - The lyrics foreshadow the overlying tone of the record. The emotions one goes through and the rush of loving someone and what you’re willing to do for them and what they mean to you. This song could really go at the beginning or end of the album and be just fine.

All About Us - Aaron's voice mixes all too well with Rachel's in this single. I love the simple guitar that has a great sound throughout. I feel like this song really welcomes people to come and enjoy the rest of their music. It’s a relatable song that’s so catchy it hurts.

Everything You Do - I think this song is what sets He Is We apart from other girl-lead bands nowadays. This song brings out their style a bit more. Songs like these make me love them so much more.

And Run - The vocal hook is funny in a new, fun way. Definitely one of their better songs with more confident lyrics on Rachel’s part. This one could easily be the second single.

Happily Ever After - Beautifully re-done from their first release of the song. This song proves that they were wise to switch to a full band. The keys and slight guitar in the second verse goes a long way in the feel of the song.

Kiss It All Better - I don’t know if this is a dream or something of the past, but this is an emotionally strong track. It’s the emotional climax of the album. The mood shifts drastically from “Happily Ever After” to this one. It’s a sad song of lost love. Metaphor or not, we’ve all been there.

Prove You Wrong - The sad undertones from the previous track are lifted with the beautiful hope of a new love in this one. The lyrics, “Take that leap of faith, if you want to. Don't let that broken heart haunt you. Can you let me try? Tell me it's alright.” show this. It’s a great transitional song especially as we move closer to the end of the album.

Blame It On The Rain - I don’t know how to accurately say what this song doesn’t say for itself. It was one of my favorites from their earlier stuff. They re-did it and completely blew the old one away. Every part of this song is outstanding.

Love Life - This song is determined to bring the mood out of the hurtful past it went through and find love. It’s a love that has got some scars but hope is coming. The fast bridge really makes this song. "I don’t mind a chop or two, but God I love that sound, sound. Thunder of my inner cage so they calm me down, down." Ah, fantastic.

Fall - This is the most mature song out of the bunch. It sounds like it is the final goodbye to a hurtful love. “Let my pride to the side, tear me open look inside. Just to see how many times you’ve really made these eyes cry.” It is a vulnerable ending, and I think a perfect, mature way of ending this fantastic debut record.

-He Who Fights With Monsters

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