Thursday, September 2, 2010

Honor Bright Interview with Ryan Gilmore (Guitar/Vocals)

Photo by Phil Mamula
How was the recording process different for "Action!Drama!Suspense!"in comparison to previous releases?
There was a little more pressure on us with this. It was our first label release on Triple Crown Records so we knew there was more riding on this. Not only did we have to please ourselves, but we wanted to please our label and our management at The Artery Foundation. Plus it would be almost two years since we released our last EP, so our fans were hungry for something new and had to live up to their expectation.
How was it working with Tom Denney and Jason Lancaster? What were some things they brought to the table?
It was a totally amazing experience. Those guys are huge influences on us and their song writing talents were mind blowing. They were huge in making our songs flow better and be more solid overall; cutting away any parts that were unecessary. We were so thankful to work with them.
How did Jason end up on "Sleepless in Syracuse"?
Going into recording, we tried to scheme of ways to get him to do guest vocals on the record since we are all HUGE fans of his bands and his voice. But right before we started, he sent us a text saying he was gonna try to convince us to sing on the record. Yeah, convince US! No convincing was needed. We just needed to find the perfect song for him, and "Sleepless in Syracuse" fit so well for him.
What would you say are some of the underlying themes of the album?
I think life in general is our main theme always. We sing about what's happening in our lives, from tours to relationships to family to even a song about our first van that got totalled in a head on collision.
We sing about what we know and what we experience.
I hear such a diverse mixture of influences in your music, some current pop-rock and some pop sounds dating back to the 60's. Who would you say are some of your big influences for this album?
With the amount of touring we do throughout the year, we are lucky to be exposed to a large and diverse amount of music so we had lots of influence here. But I think are main goal was to not try and write in a certain style, just refine our sound and bring back the rock. We wanted a strong and powerful record that was solid from front to back.
Performance wise, who are some people/bands that you have looked up to the past?
We look up to those bands that put all their energy every night into their live performance. It’s not easy going all out every night, but we respect those bands that try to put on the best show to every crowd they see. As far as our career goes, we've always looked up to those bands that constantly are putting out solid records. Like New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday, these bands are always putting out new records that never dissapoint.
Where do you guys see yourselves in the next couple of years? What are some of your main goals as a band?
We’d love to tour and tour and tour as much as possible the next couple years. Continue to get our name out and continue to show people what we can do live and how energetic our live show is. After that we want to get back into the studio and record our follow up. Music is the only thing we ever want to do, so we want to be successful at doing it.
Perfect day, you are driving in your car with the windows down, what are you listening to?
My perfect windows down record is Homesick by A Day To Remember. For some reason it sounds so much better when it’s being blasted. Although this causes me to maybe drive a little too fast…
What is next on the calender for you guys? Touring?
Touring as much as possible. That’s our favorite part of being in a band. We have some awesome tours coming up that will [if they haven’t already] be announced.
Thank you guys so much for taking some time to answer some questions!
Thank you for the questions! Next time I’ll interview you ;)

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