Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bridges interview with Natalie Byrd (keys)

What have ya'll been up to lately?(cliche/loaded question)
Well we've been in Nashville going on 2 years now. Crazy! We've recorded two eps and released one of them back in mid December called "Our Monster" ( you can get in on itunes or on bandcamp) We moved here with just one car (15 passenger van) an no jobs. Wanted to feel grown up and be around musicians that inspired us. We've done just that. It's been a lot of hard work but we're finally able to get refocused on our music because life beat us up the first year we were here. Now, we have an ambitious goal of 4 eps in a year. It will be great if we can do that. SO, that's it. Working on redefining The Bridges sound and getting it recorded quickly so we don't become bored or uninspired.
Are you currently working on new material?
Yeah, we're always writing little tunes that hopefully turn into full blown songs for the next time we record.
Are you heading in a new direction with your music? How are you seeing it change?
Yeah, I do think we're heading in a new direction. We've all starting writing more which, naturally, makes the sound different. For example, first record was collaborative but Brittany did most all the lyrics. Now that we're all doing melodies and lyrics it has changed to a more eclectic sounds. You definitely hear more folk in us and we also have a bit more "adventurous" pop songs. Not as predictable you know? It's for sure more mature and well rounded because we're writing about things we hadn't experienced on "Limits of the Sky". We've evolved as people now and if were writing honest music (which we are) then the evolution should translate.
How does the writing process normally pan out for ya'll?
Writing has been difficult due to job interference and all of us just juggling growing up, relationships and life really. I find we have tons of songs and and material to build with BUT it comes down to taking time off and getting into the studio. You really see it unfold and it comes so easily when you get in there.
Who are some musicians/bands that you are currently listening to, that you feel like may have an influence on your sound?
We're still listening to a lot of old 60's and 70's folk. We've been really into Harry Nilsson, John Prine, Emmy Lou Harris, The Byrds. Then some newer bands like, everyone loves Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, Dawes, Rihanna does awesome stuff too (totally different vein,we know) and bands like that. Anybody that's doing something new and writing good songs are susceptible Also, really killer band called Middle Brother -Deer Tick, Dawes, Delta Spirit super group of sorts. Their record is incredible.
Are you working on any touring coming up soon?
No, I'm sure we'll play some one offs here and there. If there was a good tour offer with a band we loved we'd take it for sure! We love love playing live but find it more beneficial to write and record. We'll have to pay for that and in turn, means working our asses off and that takes a lot of the time up that we'd love to spend on the road but it's just not feasible at the moment.
How would you describe your live performance to someone who hasn't seen you in concert before?
There is definitely a chemistry live you'll never hear on record because it's not heard. It's seeing the chemistry of people so close that know each other's every move. It's entertaining for me to watch my band mates and best friends do what they love. That feeling transcends somewhere into the mix of the performance and the crowds reception. It makes the music better and enhances the vibe for everyone (crowd and band) when you have that history and genuine love for what you're all doing together it certainly makes for a different feel from anything recorded.
Who are some of bands/musicians that you have looked up to in the past in regards to live performance and stage presence.
The Beatles (duh) Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, The Band we're really into light shows so like, Pink Floyd and Muse are always good. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have a really nonchalant show and that's really refreshing. To see people not look stressed or worried and allow the music to be fun and fluid makes me smile.
Where is the best place to find out more information on the band (news, release dates. touring schedule, etc.)?
Best places are twitter for like day to day check-ins but also is the band site. DON'T go to myspace. Ha, it's totally uncool. Or go, it will be funny.
Perfect day, windows down, driving in your car what are you listening to?
Middle Brother, Nilsson sing Newman, Dr. Dog, Kanye West (Jeremy is into some Kanye)

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