Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Artist Vs. Poet Interview with Tarcy Thomason

Artist Vs. Poet, an awesome power pop band hailing from Dallas Texas, has been hitting the road a good bit the past several years. They have been playing alongside some of the biggest names in the scence, supporting their Ep's and critically acclaimed full-length album, "Favorite Fix." Check them out this fall on the "Fearless Friends Tour," along with Go Radio, Every Avenue, Breathe Carolina and Mayday Parade. Lead vocalist Tarcy Thomason spent a little bit of time answering some of our hard-hitting questions...

So you guys are about to go on one of the biggest tours of the fall, the Fearless Friends Tour. Are you guys tight with your label mates?
Tarcy: Oh yeah! Thats whats so great about this tour, and fearless records. All the bands have some sort of a bond, and it just so happens we are friends with every band on this tour, it will be my favorite for sure!
I heard you guys have been tight with been tight Breathe Carolina for a long time now, even before Artist Vs. Poet. Is that true?
Tarcy:Yes it actually is! They came down to Texas(our home state) for there first "out of Colorado show", and we just clicked. Amazing dudes!
What excites you the most about this tour? Big shows, new audiences, etc.?
Tarcy: I think a bit of both. Last tour we did was warped tour, and we were in the HEAT all the time! haha its going to be nice getting back to the club shows, touring with some of our best friends.
Something I have admired about you guys is that you sometimes hang out with fans after the show and play some acoustic songs. What drives you guys to do this?
Tarcy: Well, honestly it really is all about the fans. They are the reason we are even playing a show out of our home town. They are paying money to see us play music, so why wouldn't we take a few minutes and hang out with them? Something I always say is "Bands are NEVER greater that the fans."
When you guys were approaching the writing/recording process of your debut full-length, "Favorite Fix", what were you trying to bring to the table that differed from your previous Ep's?
Tarcy: I guess just something for everyone. Our last EP's kind of stuck in one electronic driven pop vibe, and this record we brought a little of that but also some more rock guitar driven songs. I really hate to use this but we matured in our song writing. haha
When you were writing "Favorite Fix," were there any bands or artists you guys were listening to heavily that could have potentially been considered inspirations for the album?
Tarcy: Third eye blind, for sure, has always been one of those bands we will always take something from.
How was it working with Mike Green?
Tarcy: Amazing, the guy is a machine. It was a pleasure.
Are you guys continually writing new material? How does the writing process normally pan out for you guys?
Tarcy: Its actually funny cause we write more on the road than anything, we love starting our songs out acoustic so we can get a REAL feel for the song from the ground up.
As a group, are you guys more into producing ballads or anthems?
Tarcy: I think anthems to be honest, or at least that's what I would hope.
Can fans expect an Ep or full-length soon?
Tarcy: New music for sure soon
How did you guys decide to cover, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", for "Rocking Romances II and the soon to be released "Bad Romance" from "Punk Goes Pop 3"?
Tarcy: We didnt think ANYONE would expect it out of us, maybe a typical love song but not a rip off 80's ballad.
How did the Breathe Electric re-mix come together?
Tarcy: Oh how did you know about that?! ahha! Its awesome, that guy is a great and has some of the most sick re-mixes. I am in love with it!
Can you share the a recent crazy tour story?
Tarcy: The entire vans warped tour, honestly just getting to tour with my favorite bands and actually hanging with them, a dream come true.
How important is social networking for an artist these days?
Tarcy: Its essential, its hard to make it these days without it!
Perfect day, driving in your car, with the windows down what are you listening to?
Tarcy: Pierce The Veil
What is next for you guys, after the Fearless Friends Tour?
Tarcy: Writing!

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