Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anarbor Interview Adam Juwig

Here is a quick interview with guitarist Adam Juwig from the band Anarbor. I had a chance to see these guys in Atlanta a couple of months ago, and they completely tore up the stage. Their albums are packed with energy, just like their shows...Check them out...
Can you tell me a little about your new full length? Did you guys
take a different approach on this album than the previous EPs?

Adam: With our full-length, The Words You Don't Swallow, we had more songs
and options to work with. Instead of just recording 6 or 7 songs like
we've done in the past, we got to take the time to dive into the songs
and get them exactly how we want.
How do you normally approach the writing process as a band?
Adam:Usually someone will come up with a guitar riff or a melody and we
branch off from that. There's not one specific songwriter in our band,
like a lot of bands do. It works well that way for us, with four
songwriters, we have more ideas as if it were just one songwriter.
Who are some of the biggest influences for Anarbor?
Adam: Tom Petty, Jimmy Eat World, The Beatles, RX Bandits, Bruce
Springsteen, the list could go on forever!
How was touring with This Providence, The Audition, The Bigger Lights
and Artist Vs. Poets?

Adam: It was great! We had toured with The Bigger Lights numerous times and
we've known This Providence since we were like 14 so it was cool being
able to tour with bands you were already friends with.
Any bands out there that you think people should be listening to?
Adam: The Gaslight Anthem, Closure in Moscow, Manchester Orchestra, Jimmy Eat World.
What are you looking forward to most about playing Warped Tour? Is
this the first year for you guys?
Adam: Just being apart of it. We all use to go in the early 2000's, we'd
always dreamt of being able to play Warped Tour. We got to play a week
last year and a week the year before, but we are super stoked to be on
the whole thing this year!
What's next for you guys after Warped?
Adam: More touring in support of our new full length record!
You guys have been playing shows together/hanging out since middle
school, what is the most memorable prank/funny story that you would be
willing to share?
Ah man, we've known each other for so long, there's just too many. All
we did on weekends was practiced and got ourselves into whatever
trouble we could get ourselves into. I think the first time I hung out
with Mike, Greg and Slade, we went to a grocery store and took all the
pumpkins and haystacks that the pumpkins were on and built like a wall
in the street so cars couldn't get past, we were running from the cops
back to Greg's within like 5 minutes.

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