Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tyler Hilton Interview...

This one is for all the ladies...especially Amanda.
I have to admit although I am not exactly the target demographic for Tyler Hilton, I still really like the guy. I saw him do a showcase in St. Louis and he really impressed me with his tight performance. He is a great musician, great actor (Walk the Line, Charlie Bartlett and One Tree Hill) and a super nice guy...

You have such a great, interesting sound. Who are some of your main influences?
I grew up on Elvis and the Beatles. Really everything I needed to know was there. From them I got into old folk, country, and blues pretty heavily.
Can you tell me a little about how you approach writing a song?
Unless I'm co-writing I have a hard time approaching a song at all. Its almost as if it chooses me. All the songs I've written on my own have just come to me. I'm too scared to question it!
Who are some songwriters that you really look up to?
Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson, Jack White, Paul McCartney to name a few.
What was the inspiration behind your new ep "Ladies and Gentlemen"?
Everything going on in my life in the last four years: learning more about myself, lessons in relationships, over coming innumerable obstacles to get my new songs recorded and released, and travel.
How did you decide what songs would go on this album, versus the future LP?
I thought these tunes were the ones best suited to come out of the gate singing after being without new music for so long. It took awhile to decide because I really dig all the new stuff. I have a great team around me that helps me make these difficult decisions!
Can you tell me what we can expect from the future LP "The Storms We Share"?
You can expect an album of songs that all stayed with me as I was writing and struck me as worthwhile to share. I think they're all really catchy and fun to some degree, too. I bet you'll be able to relate with a lot of it as well.
What will set this album apart from previous releases?
I wasn't afraid of much this record. I didn't shy from things that might draw criticism. I stopped thinking of myself in terms of what people think I am or what I was and instead focused on what I could do best now.
Was it difficult piecing the album together? Or did it flow together perfectly?
It was very difficult but like most things, once I had it figured out it seemed so simple!
Are you excited about the upcoming tour with label mates, the Spill Canvas? What are you most looking forward to?
I am really excited to be out here with these guys. We're out with AM Taxi and New Politics too. All great bands I'm happy to find out! My favorite part of this tour so far has been the way all the bands have influenced my live show in that they are such lively acts I'm continuing to raise my show to meet the new standard out here!
I have also always been a fan of your acting game... Are there any new projects that you are working on or have planned out?
No, though I continue to love acting and am always looking for new projects, playing this record live for the fans is all I can think about!

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