Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cloud Control Interview

A short interview I did with one of my favorites right now....

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Did you guys have a vision for the record, before you began recording?

We didn't have a vision, it came about more as we were going along. This is the opposite of how we did our last album, where we were really careful to make a tapey organic album. 

With this record, you seem to blend the organic sound of classic Cloud Control with more synthetic sounds. What motivated that decision? (absolutely love it, by the way...)

Thank you! I think this time we were more relaxed. I've always been interested in electronica and programming, always written demos in that way. This time more of that found its way onto the album. 

How did the writing process pan out for "Dream Cave"?

It was written all over the place, mainly France, London and back where we used o live in Sydney. I would team up with Jeremy a lot, and Heidi and Ulrich are the other main team. But it worked other ways too, there aren't any rules. 

 How did you guys  end up working with Barny Barnicott?

He was recommended through a friend. When we had some test recordings with him they came out really well.

Listening back to the record, can you hear any specific influences?

Hmmm yeah, I don't know. I don't think it really sounds like what I was influenced by when we were writing. Just to name drop some bands - rancid, pure x, beastie boys, Orbison. But yeah I'm just one guy in the band.

What song were you most surprised by its outcome, the finished product?

I guess promises didn't turn out how I imagined.  It's real different. 

 I would love to hear the stories behind "Scar" and "Dojo Rising," and how they came together...

On dojo, I wrote a beat. I asked  Jez to bring some words for it cause I was struggling. He came up with that first verse, which really seemed to relate to me. Then I got in there and sang the chorus freestyle. That's pretty much how the core of the song arrived. That all happened in the blue mountains.

Scar was similar, but we were in France. I think Heidi or Jez made up some chords, Jeremy wrote that first verse and then I brought the chorus.

What would you like for people to take away from this record, after listening?

I want people to feel pumped. I would love people to skate or go snowboarding or listen to it in the car really loud. 

You guys(and gal) have had the opportunity to travel across the world, touring. Are there any places that you would love to play, that you haven't visited yet?

Yeah, Japan! Really want to go there. 

Perfect day, driving in your car with the windows down, what are you listening to? 

Best car album for me is Cosmo's Factory by Creedence Clearwater revival. 

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