Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TheKey release new single, "Wake Up."

Atlanta-based rock outfit, theKey, is back with an incredibly catchy tune, "Wake Up." The single is free to download(for a limited time) on, after this period you can purchase it here:

We briefly spoke with theKey's frontman/songwriter, Clay Scott, regarding the new single:

Who did you guys work with on "Wake Up"?
Scott: We had the incredible privilege of co-writing "Wake Up" with the one and only Scotty Wilbanks, who also produced the recording. He is a very talented and physically fit man, who plays the keys for Third Day. 

How did the song come together, writing-wise?

Scott: "Wake Up" actually morphed out of one of our older songs, "Waiting" from our recent album "This is Goodnight, This is Goodbye."  We wanted to re-vamp it to give it new life, and we did. So much so, that what we ended up with was a completely different song. We tried everything on this song: different styles, verses, choruses, sounds, you name it, we did it!  There was no settling on this song. We all had to be completely happy with it and Scotty isn't easy to please. It was a long, long process, but totally worth it! We are beyond pleased with how it turned out.  

What do you hope people to take away from this song?

Scott: I hope that when people hear this song they hear the cool sounds and drive of the song, but more importantly I hope they hear the lyrics. Lyrically this song is a challenge to think. To look around you and ask, what are you becoming? It seems that deep thought about life, death, and our ultimate purpose has become a rare thing. It can be so easy to just live a life of distraction, and never be forced to think about the reality of our existence.  We believe all of this is found in Jesus. When we look at the world around us, and recognize our own depravity, we see that we need Jesus. Ultimately that is what we hope this song will lead people to, though lyrically this one is a little more abstract, than literal. Over all this song is an upbeat one, and a fun one. Hence the artwork with this single! I hope people enjoy it, as well as get what it's really trying to say!

Any other news?

The other news is that we didn't just record one song with Scotty... but two... 

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