Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Future of Forestry Interview with Eric Owyoung

I recently had the chance to speak with Eric Owyoung(formerly of Something Like Silas), Future of Forestry founding member about his current projects and future plans...

Who are some artists/bands that you have looked up to in the past regarding stage presence/live performance?
Sigur Ros. They were the most incredible spiritual emotional music experience I had ever seen.
For people that haven't seen your live performance before, what can they expect when they come to one of your shows?
We’re pretty crazy in terms of the amount of instruments and uniqueness of instrumentation. All the players switch from one instrument to another within the song. It becomes a bit of a dance on stage. Makes things very interesting.
I am fascinated by the Travel EP series, how did that idea come about? Do you see a Travel IV in the future?
I wrote the song "traveler’s song" and the series was born. The idea was summed up in "if you travel here, you will feel it all, the brightest and the darkest. If you travel here, listen to your heart, and take with you what lasts forever." The next album will be a regular full length
What was the idea behind releasing "A Film & TV Collection?"
The record label felt like the songs really lent themselves to film and television. The songs have a strong visual scope to them.
How does the writing process normally pan out for you? Does it differ each time?
It’s different each time, but I often start out with a musical feeling or a bed of sound created from anything that makes noise. I form melodies from there and shape lyrics as I go.
How would you say your faith impacts the music you produce?
Completely. Everything around me affects my writing. Mostly, my understanding of being loved by God has been such an important realization and milestone. It’s one of those notions that it’s a lot easier to say you believe and to believe with your head, but when it comes down to it, experiencing being "loved by God" with your heart is a matter that takes a long time to absorb and experience.
Do you write continuously? Or are you more periodic writers?
More periodic. It’s exhausting for me. I need a break from it!
How important is social networking for artists like you?
Pretty important, but I don't do a whole lot of it. I’m not as social as some artists. Don’t get me wrong, i love people. But more one on one. I find social networking to not be the deepest form of relationship.
What kind of advice would you have for an artist/band just starting up?
Work hard on the music and the rest will come. People focus on networking and promoting before they even have good music. That’s counterproductive. Practice like mad, write like mad.
Driving in your car on a perfect day with the windows down, what are you listening to?
Been listening to Kiss Away Trail
Any tour dates coming up in the near future?
Yes, we have a national fall tour September and October and a Christmas tour in December. See you there!!/futureofforestry

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