Hi, I'm John Mouser. Music has always been a great passion of mine. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting one of my friends hooked on someone's music and becoming the middleman between new listeners and the powerful songs written by these musicians.

This project is about connection.

Mousertime began as an outlet for me to highlight my favorite groups and musicians, and it has evolved into so much more. While it continues to be a way for me to express my enthusiasm for new projects and bring their music to the masses, it has allowed me to connect many of my friends with their own favorites in unique ways. I continue to be given opportunities to connect- to connect with new music, new friends, and to connect others with the music they love. I greatly value the contributions of my friends to this project and the connections they've helped me facilitate, and I promise to continue craving new music and new connections.

Roll your windows down. Welcome.

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